Palazzina Sabatelli, ristorante per ricevimenti di nozze e matrimoni a Pesaro
Not to be missed
Visits to the caves used as cellars

Walk through the mysterious underground of the 16th century villa, used in previous centuries for food conservation, refuge from enemy armies, a hidden meeting place for secret loves, and today a rich wine cellar.

Panoramic aperitif on the "View Tower"

Enjoy the splendid panorama from the Adriatic coast to the Appenine peaks, sipping your favourite drink.

Dinner in the Frau Dining Room, or in the Lodge
In the cold season, enjoy a candlelit dinner in the exclusive Frau Dining Room, reserved for only one couple, where you can warm yourselves by an ancient fireplace. During the summer season, the Lodge, under 16th century vaults, offers the same intimacy, enjoying the view of the parks and gardens.

Spit roast, n the fireplace of the hunting room
Taste, with your friends, the best local meats, having fun by personally controlling the roasting.

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