Palazzina Sabatelli, ristorante per ricevimenti di nozze e matrimoni a Pesaro
The Restaurant

Inarguably the peak of the catering of the Palazzina complex, in elegant rooms of the villa, where in the enchanting atmosphere, made unique by the 16th century tempera, personalised furnishings, precious porcelain, antique silverware, and precious crystal, or in the backdrop of the gardens and the party courtyard, it is possible to taste haute cuisine specialities,and enjoy an exclusive and impeccable service, respecting local gastronomic traditions and valuing the most representative gastronomic produce.

To start, an unusual aperitif, or to finish, a fine liquor, from the “View Tower”, surprising and unusual viewpoint at the top of the original tower, which offers a breathtaking spectacle and a decidedly exclusive bar, from which your gaze can reach from the top of the Appenines, as far as the sea.

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